The area of our company's activity results directly from our skills and accumulated experience. The successes achieved during many years of work and its effects have allowed us to precisely define the scope of our company's operations. Good results of our activities give us joy, which has a positive effect to the atmosphere and relations between our partners.

Activity Areas

 Development of the scaliable build process in GNU 

   Make environment

◊ Configuration of the (SDE) Eclipse environment with 

   integration of chosen/developed build process

◊ Experience in C/C++ embedded programming with  


◊ Embedded memory management – Memory 

   Protection Unit (MPU) settings, linker configuration

◊ Implementation of peripheral drivers 

Embedded Software Development 

◊ Automatization of test processes 

   (MCD Test Manager)

◊ Control of step motors ( Manufacturer: Stoegra) 

◊ Service the industry and automotive 

   communication protocols

      ◊ using Vector CANape, CANalyzer, CANoe 

◊ PLC programming (Siemens, GE) 

Automations, control and robotics 

◊ Fast and competent debugging of multicore  

   platforms like TriCore AURIX with Real Time 

   Operating System ( via PLS Debugger )

◊ Design and development of multi-core, multi  

   partition projects

◊ We offer our services on: 

      ◊ microcontrollers: INFINEON AURIX family, Atmel AVR,  


      ◊ EOS: PXROS-HR, QNX, Linux 

      ◊ source and management versioning systems: PTC  

         Integrity, SVN

◊ Identification and simulation of dynamic objects   

   (MATLAB/Simulink, Scilab)

◊ Regulators - design and tuning 

◊ Service and develop of test stands 

◊ Programming of ABB Robots (basic) 

GNU make C/C++ SDE Eclipse HighTec PXROS PLS debugger Infineon Atmel PTC Integrity Memory management



GNU Make

MCD Test Manager Stögra Step Motors Vector CAN Tools GE Matlab Simulink Transmittance Service ABB

Diagnostics and measurements 

◊ Automatization of data acquisition process 

◊ Test process visualization  

◊ Diagnostic of electrical engine  


Share your needs... 

◊ Show us your requirements and if possible we  

   will try to meet them !!! 

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Moron K&P

Moron Krzysztof, Moron Piotr GbR

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Embedded Software Development, Automation Technology, Measurements and diagnostic MAAT - Moroń's Advanced Applied Technologies